We strongly believe in the ability of the new talents, merge your talent with AROMA's Experience to be one of the future artists.

For more than 10 years the talented artists working at AROMA have been leading the media industry in Egypt and the middle East. Hundreds of TV commercials through out the past 10 years,more than 20 TV channels,broadcast designs,100s of TV programs and more than 30 Feature Films in the last two years have AROMA's logo on them wether as post production service providers, Producers or Co-producers.The time has come to share this experience and help in building the next generation of artists.


To join the academy, you have to have the talent and pass through some one on one interviews as we have very limited seats with hands on experience of real production.


Fo more details Please download the AROMA ACADEMY PDF file,The courses starts from 900USD for 32 Hours.


If you think you have the talent,please fill the form below.

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